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Threatening Toxins in Tuner Cars

Posted by Nick on November 22nd, 2011 in Honda News, Risks For Mechanics with 3 Comments

 Threatening Toxins in Tuner Cars

The threatening toxins in tuner cars are difficult to expunge. The reason is that these toxins are purposefully used in the construction of tuner cars. Auto mechanics have a lot of time on their hands, and they spend about eight hours of the day on average underneath the hood of a car. By spending so much time underneath the hood of a car, they expose themselves to the toxic chemicals that can cause allergies, immune problems, and birth defects. What’s worse is that asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a very rare and difficult-to-treat cancer. Car mechanics are much riskier.

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Traction Tips – September

Posted by Nick on September 19th, 2011 in Tire Centers, Tire Sizes, Traction Tips, Wheels and Tires with 5 Comments


Acura wallpaper 14 Traction Tips   September


Whether you’re racing or driving in adverse weather conditions you will need traction. My experiences have brought me to the conclusion that traction is crucial for every Honda performance vehicle. Many factors come into play when choosing the right wheels and tires. I’ll start by going over a few tips to keep in mind while choosing tires and wheels for your car. First, you must know what your expectations are, and how the car is going to be used. This is very important, I would definitely recommend Discount Tire. They’re one of the more developed tire centers and also have a great selection of car wheels. My experience with them has been great, and their representatives almost always have a good idea of what would best suit your needs…

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Is your whip “dumped”?

Posted by Nick on August 10th, 2011 in Honda News, Suspension with 20 Comments

Da Integra Suspension Is your whip dumped?


Have you ever heard the term, “It’s not filthy unless your bumpers scraping”? I know I have. Whenever you buy a performance ride, the first modifications you get are usually suspension, intake, headers, and exhaust. What do you look for when you’re buying new suspension? How many inches you can lower it? How stiff the ride is? Or the performance increases, such as better handling? Or maybe all of the above!

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2001 Honda S2000

Posted by Nick on August 3rd, 2011 in Honda News, Honda S2000 with 28 Comments

s2000 2001 Honda S2000

Honda’s two-seat, open-topped roadster is based on the SSM concept car first shown at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. The S2000 uses a front-engine, rear wheel drive configuration and was designed to be fun vehicle to drive. The S2000 contains many new technological advances that will likely transpire down to less-expensive models as time passes. Read More…

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